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Are you exhausted because your weekly schedule is crammed full, but there’s still not enough time to get everything done?

Do you get to Friday afternoon and wonder where the time went – despite your massive to do list, and the fact that you just didn’t stop?

Perhaps you can’t decide whether to switch from a paper calendar to online – let alone have the time to work out which one to use?

Is your ‘go with the flow’ strategy not quite cutting it now that you’re business is busier, and could do with some structure?

By the end of this webinar you will:

1. Know whether to stick to a paper calendar, or to upgrade
– I’m going through the pros and cons of both

2. Know which online calendar would be best for you
– I’ll be reviewing my top 3, including features and benefits

3. Understand why you’re feeling burnout by Friday afternoon, despite working like crazy all week
– I’ll explain why a weekly schedule is important and some common  mistakes that we often make

4. Know how to create a sustainable calendar that works for you.

Plus – before you ask – I’ll be recording it xx

Hi I’m Aerlie
I’m a Business Coach helping women in business work sustainably – without burning out.

I help women in business overcome digital disorganisation and information overload, develop sustainable systems and schedules, and move from overwhelm to on fire with proven productivity and time management strategies.

I’m the #nomoreburnout queen, but as you see I’m vying for the title of alliteration queen too 😉

I’ve created my own weekly schedule and systems to help me manage my time and do my best work. I believe that making time for the things that nourish me is one of the best productivity strategies there is – because let’s face it – you can’t build your business if you’re burnt out.

I’d love to share my tech solutions, program know-how, supportive systems and sustainable productivity that you need as the back bone of your business. Check out my Productivity Blog for more practical tips.