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Hi, I’m Aerlie. I’m an Online Organisation Coach for women in business.

I coach women to organise their time and systems so that they can work ON their business and have a life – without burning out.

I incorporate time management and productivity strategies, accountability, clarity (hello procrastination and distraction!), systems, tech know-how and life coaching into my business.

I’ve worked with so many female entrepreneurs who work long hours, often with little outcome – and I know they feel – overwhelmed, burnt out and disorganised.

I’ve found some barriers to outsourcing are

– not knowing where to start when it comes to outsourcing
– not wanting to waste money on something they could do themselves
or feeling embarrassed about their own chaotic systems.

As one client said, “It’s like tidying the house before the cleaner comes. I have to organise my back end before I pay someone else to work there!”

My time management was very hodge podge before I started working with Aerlie.

I didn’t have a real planning system and I hadn’t established what times of the week were the best for working.

Now that I understand the importance of planning, I can achieve more without working more hours.

I feel way less stressed on a day to day basis, and I feel more confident about taking big step in my biz – especially around my fear of tech.

Thank you so much Aerlie. I can’t wait to work with you again. 

THANK YOU Aerlie! It feels so strange to be achieving more while working less hours.

But I am so much more balanced and really looking forward to spending more time with you. x

Lizzie Carroll, Sprout Birthing

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