Have you been wondering if there is an easier way to manage your clients and your leads?

A CRM is definitely the answer.

What’s CRM? It stands for client relationship management, and  it generally refers to a tool that makes all of your client management easier to stay on top of.

For a long time, I had enough leads that I could track on one hand, so it wasn’t really necessary for me to even look into fancy software, or even consider that a solo entrepreneur needed a CRM.

Until I started to get busy,

Then, I started to make lots of mistakes. I found myself forgetting which session number I was up to with a client, I forgot to follow up interested leads, and I would forget to invoice clients!!! Crazy.

So, I started to manage my clients with a more organised approach, and boy, did it make a difference.

How a CRM has made my life easier

Since stepping up with my client management system, I have

  • reduced the number of programs I use
  • increased my client base
  • automated my feedback process
  • automated my client onboarding process
  • set up a weekly client check in system, so that my clients have accountability & feel loved!

Watch this video where I share what a CRM can do, and how to know if you need one. It will answer a lot of questions for you.

So, what stage are you at with managing your clients?

If you want to

  • Reduce the number of programs you use to manage your clients;
  • Set up a system for managing your leads
  • Standardise the way you onboard your clients
  • Just make life easier by having all of your client information in one place

Then I’d say you’re ready to talk about CRM’s.

Book in a free discovery call with me, and we can talk about how you can systemise and simplify your client management.

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