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Ready for a high performing
team to take your business
to the next level?

Are you frustrated trying to grow your business and stay on top of the day to day tasks?

Is this you?

► “I spend my days putting out fires and answering questions from my team”

► “I don’t have time to train someone new, I may as well do it myself”

► “The processes aren’t finished yet – so only a few people are using them”

► “Most of my income goes to team costs, but I’m not seeing the ROI for it”

▶︎ “My time is swallowed up in day to day details, and I’m not getting the traction or growth I’d like”

If you’re ready to

▶︎ set up your team so that they feel confident, and you feel calm and in control

▶︎ document the guidelines your team need to work productively and collaboratively, making remote team work more effecitive

▶︎ create processes for your operational pain points, at your fingertips, and easy to share so that your team can reach their outcomes

▶︎ manage the projects in a project management platform, so that it operates as an online business hub providing transparency, a bird’s eye view of progress, and the team with the day to day detail

▶︎ provide your team with the stability they need around what needs to be done, so that they can find a routine – and ultimately improve the work they do

How you can work with me:

Click Up Consultation (ClickUp Review, 1:1 Session & Monthly Support Packages)

ClickUp Workshop

Asana Consultation (Asana Review, 1:1 Session)

ClickUp/ Asana team training

Customised Team Productivity Packages

Work with me to create an implementation plan for your team to work more effectively.

Together we can map out your:

  • project management platform requirements or improvements to help you capture, organise track and report effectively
  • processes and workflows, or where you have gaps
  • guidelines for day to day productivity and collaboration
  • team meeting structure, agendas and management

Want to target something specific?

We can have a single session to map out

  • your new team member onboarding process
  • your lead management and/or client delivery workflow
  • how to communicate your expectations around availability, priorities, clear emoticon use, responding to requests etc, for your team so that collaboration is streamlined, and they don’t burn out

What My Clients Are Saying…

Aerlie provided me with simple yet powerful recommendations to improve the administration of my naturopathic business.

The addition of some easy zaps plus a project management system were serious game-changers for me.

The ease of my business has improved 100 fold let alone the relief of having a way to keep track of everything – now I have more headspace to tackle new projects!

The added bonus was the profound discussions we had about CEO mindset and what that means.

Aerlie was the catalyst for me to really look at my business, see what works and what does not and start to create a business that works for me first, my clients second. Highly recommended if you want to improve your business flow and create a business that works for you!


Sara Knight

The Gut Clinic

Before working with Aerlie I was worried that a CRM was going to be complicated and time consuming to set up.

I was losing track of which step my clients were up to and wanted to increase my professionalism. I now have templates for the regular messages I send to leads and clients, which are now all in one place – instead of mostly in my head!

I have structure around my client process and follow ups and I feel like I’m back in control. Aerlie has a knack for taking the stress out of the process.

Laurie Griggs

Budget Beyond

Since working with Aerlie, I HIRED A VA!!! It has been the biggest and best relief. 
I have SO much more time, I’m consistently posting blogs on my website (and just got 3 website conversions in just one week! It’s paying off!), videos to YouTube (subscribes are increasing), and publishing to my FB page – without lifting a finger! 
Now, I only do what I need to do. I create my content and I work with my clients in sessions. All the other repeatable, boring tasks are handed off and I have SO much more time to be the CEO. I’m so excited because I’m finally getting a chance to look again at my business and how to expand it, instead of feeling behind all the time.
Orit Krug

CEO & Embodiment Coach, Orit Krug