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Let’s take your business to the next level with business productivity consulting

Work With Me—Your Business Productivity  Consultant

If you find that you're spending all your time putting out fires, drowning in the mental load, fielding questions from your team and micro-managing every project that comes through your inbox, it's time to work with a business efficiency and business productivity consultant and coach.

I can
🟡 streamline your current workflows in ClickUp
🟡 transfer them into a project management tool so that you can capture, track and organise them
🟡 train you or your team on using the day to day tools more effectively
🟡 reduce your mental load
🟡 set up business automations and save you time

This will leave you with more time to focus on being the expert in your own business.

Productivity & Accountability Coaching

Do you need support to get back on track?

Are your ideas still in ‘gunna’ mode, and taking action on them seems so far away because you’re just keeping your head above water with #allthethings – daily?
If you’ve lost your momentum, or drowning in #allthethings and can’t think straight, then coaching can help you reclaim your inner strength, get clear and make an impact. I’ve been there: working overtime, overwhelmed, over-extended (definitely ‘over it’).  I’ve tried the courses and been crippled by self doubt still keeping me stuck.

There’s just no time, space or energy to make the impact that you dream of.
You know there’s a way through this that feels true to you, but it’s not someone else’s way. Trying to do it all at once doesn’t work. Trying on your own is really hard, which is why coaching can help you get clear and keep you accountable as you navigate your way forward.

Accountability & Productivity Coaching Packages

These coaching packages are for business owners and leaders caught in the middle of work and life, trying to get it all done and despite your best efforts, you’re not getting the traction you want on your own. The coaching packages are customised and flexible to suit you and your needs.

We can cover any or all of the following:

  • breaking down and planning the steps to reach your goals
  • goal setting and goal getting
  • managing perfectionism
  • discovering what works for you #norules
  • reducing the mental load
  • supportive time management strategies, different to what you think you ‘should’ be doing
  • building confidence and backing yourself
  • accountability & support
  • sustainable strategies for making work and life easier and organised.
  • or other topics you want to discuss. If I’m not able to advise you, I’ll let you know.


work flow workshops

Access the WorkFlow Workshop series to get the day to day tools working effectively, and reduce your mental load.
Workshops on:

Workshops are monthly and include a 90 min co-working session, a 15 min 1:1 session and a Bonus video training.

business productivity consulting

Business Efficiency & Project Management Consulting

Whether you and your team are still working from Excel spreadsheets, you need to document your processes, or optimise your project management tool, I can meet you where you are up to in your business systems improvement journey.

ClickUp Consultant


As a ClickUp Consultant, I work closely with businesses at all levels to ensure the business operations, team collaboration, task visibility and reporting are all improving your business efficiency.

Services can be selected invidiually, or modulised depending on your requirements. They include:

🟡 ClickUp Set up & Workflow Design & Business Hub
🟡 Client Management, tracking & reporting
🟡 Business & Team Hub (Meetings, New Team Member Onboarding, Leave Requests)
🟡 Automations & Streamlining your Workflows
🟡 SOP Set up
🟡 Team Training & Communication Guidelines
For more details about the Fast Track Intensive, or customised proposals head to ClickUp Consultant and Training 

Asana Partner

Image of Asana Certified Pro black badge for Asana professional services

I also support you and your team to optimise your Asana set up and project management work flow. Services are similar to the ClickUp Consulting services.
You can view more information at Asana Training & Consultation


Automations, Streamlining and Documenting Process

Do you feel like your processes are inconsistent, or your client workflow from lead to completion is clunky? Taking time to map out your processes, streamline your tools, or document the key steps can really improve your business efficiency.

I can help you and your team improve your communication, consistency and speed up your delivery time, whilst capturing, tracking and reporting on the key pieces of information you need a bird’s eye view of.

Together we can:

🟡 Document and map your client workflow
🟡 Document and organise your processes
🟡 Streamline your service delivery
🟡 Design automations to improve your efficiency

Access the Guide to Documenting Processes or Book a Clarity Call today

A Fast Track Intensive day is the perfect option to get this done effectively and efficiently. Book in today!


Why Work with a Business Efficiency and Business Productivity Consultant?

Combat Inefficiencies

Business productivity consulting can help you

  • identify your small business gaps to help you capture, organise, track and report effectively
  • visualise your processes and workflows and determine where you have gaps
  • document your processes so that you’re not relying on one person’s knowledge
  • set up a project management platform so that you have transparency, a bird’s eye view of your progress and the day-to-day details of your projects and operations
  • create guidelines for day-to-day productivity and collaboration
  • develop efficient team meeting structure, agendas, and management
  • set up your business so you feel confident, calm, and in control.

Find your Opportunities

Better yet, when you work with me, I help you see where the efficiencies can be built into your business. This gives you the chance to grab opportunities for greater success where you might not have seen them before.

It isn’t just about fixing what’s wrong.

It’s improving what you have already built – and making it stronger.

Let’s create space for your business to grow with ease.

Download the 5 Step Business Efficiency Plan

to get your business running smoothly