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Let’s take your business to the next level with business productivity consulting

Work With Me—Your Business Productivity Consultant

If you find that you're spending all your time putting out fires, fielding questions from your team and micro-managing every project that comes through your inbox, it's time to work with a business efficiency and business productivity consultant.

I can be your systems and processes champion, or I can train someone in your business to take this role with confidence. This will leave you with more time to focus on being the expert in your own business.

My Process

Whether you book a Business Improvement Session, or we work together setting up and optimising your project management platform and processes, (See my Modular Approach below) the structure of our work remains consistent. 

Every business I work with is unique. I offer Done For You services for those businesses that don’t have the time, and Done With You services for businesses that want to invest in learning on the go.

Here’s the process we work as we dive into your business:

business productivity consulting

The Modular Approach

When we work together, you get the benefit of a totally customised approach. I’ve created my services so that each is a separate module to allow you flexibility.

This ensures your business needs are tailored to your specific business, and I can meet you where you are up to in your business systems improvement journey.


Design, Optimisation

& Consultation



ClickUp Services

ClickUp Structure & Business Hub

Lead Management, tracking & reporting

Client Management, tracking & reporting

Team Hub & Collaboration

Automations & Streamlining your Workflows

SOP Set up

Strategic Planning & Reporting

Templates, Relationships, Integrations

Optimise your current set up

Team Training


Optimisation &



Asana Services

Hierarchy & Project Organisation

Lead Management, tracking & reporting

Client Management, tracking & reporting

Team Hub & Collaboration

Automations & Streamlining your Workflows

Strategic Planning & Reporting

Templates & Integrations

Optimise your current set up

Team Training

Business Hub &

Team Onboarding



Business Hub Set up (Admin, HR, Strategic Planning, Team Management)

New Team Member Onboarding Mapping

Team Productivity Review

Team Hub

Meeting & Agenda Management

Metrics & KPI Tracking

Team Communication Guidelines


Documentation &



Workflow/Process Mapping & Advice

Process/SOP Documentation

Proces Organisation

Process Review & Improvement

Automations & Streamlining your Workflows

Workflow &



Workflow Mapping in Flowchart

Workflow Streamlining

Workflow Template Design

Personal Productivity Review

Team Productivity Review




ClickUp Systems Admin Training

ClickUp Team Training

Asana Training

Personal Productivity Strategies
(ClickUp/ Asana/ Email)

Team Collaboration Training (ClickUp OR Asana:Slack)

Why Work with a Business Efficiency and Business Productivity Consultant?

Combat Inefficiencies

Business productivity consulting can help you

  • identify your small business gaps to help you capture, organise, track and report effectively
  • visualise your processes and workflows and determine where you have gaps
  • document your processes so that you’re not relying on one person’s knowledge
  • set up a project management platform so that you have transparency, a bird’s eye view of your progress and the day-to-day details of your projects and operations
  • create guidelines for day-to-day productivity and collaboration
  • develop efficient team meeting structure, agendas, and management
  • set up your business so you feel confident, calm, and in control.

Find your Opportunities

Better yet, when you work with me, I help you see where the efficiencies can be built into your business. This gives you the chance to grab opportunities for greater success where you might not have seen them before.

It isn’t just about fixing what’s wrong.

It’s improving what you have already built – and making it stronger.

Let’s create space for your business to grow with ease.

Download the 5 Step Business Efficiency Plan

to get your business running smoothly